Autumn Igniting!

Last week I woke up with this sense of igniting. I'm not sure if it was the upcoming change of season or the start of the new school year, but I felt ready to move forward!

Of course I took this new found energy to my mat and practiced twists, inversions and even a few arm balances. Twists focus on the Manipura or third chakra - our solar plexus. This chakra is housed in the navel center. Activating this space brings about a sense of "I will," by building our inner fire or tapas. Our tapas helps us to burn away old patterns, laziness and get rid of things that are no longer serving us. When this chakra is in balance we're able to move powerfully and use this power to do good in the world. 

When we wring out a washcloth we are getting rid of all of the excess water we don't need. Essentially, we're doing the same thing when we twist our bodies - getting rid of the excess that we don't need.

Autumn is a time to cleanse and let go. You may notice the world around us beginning to turn inward. Trees are shedding their leaves and animals are gathering food to prepare for the long cold months ahead. Our bodies are naturally meant to do the same - shed, turn inward and let go.

This Sunday, you can join me and my dear friend Tiffany Ananda, as we offer a program for adults, Autumn New Moon Yoga and Vision Board Creation. In keeping with our own natural cycles, we'll take this time to reflect on our bountiful spring and summer months, while also reflecting on our intentions for the season ahead.

In a few weeks we'll be launching our fall programs, including two sessions of The Body Love Yoga Project at Sligo Middle School and Numi Yoga! You can register for these programs here.

We received funding from the College Park Community Foundation to provide scholarships for BLYP to young women living in College Park! This funding will help us to launch our first program in Prince George's County.

We are are also offering a Yoga for Grief Series, in partnership with Holy Cross Home Care and Hospice. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to learn more about this upcoming program.

Vikara Village is continuing to grow and I am beyond gracious and humbled to be leading this wonderful organization.


Hannah 🙂

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