Our Vision

Vikara Village is building more resilient citizens.*

To us, this means youth graduate from high school, go on to enroll in college or a skilled trade, have stable and healthy home lives, are valuable members of their community and have lasting connections with trusted adults.

​*We define citizen as “any person who is committed to participating in making our communities better” and  “one who is willing to be accountable to the well-being of the whole.”

Our Mission

Vikara Village's mission is to use the communal spirit of yoga and the arts to empower youth to reach their full potential.

Our Core Values

These values are not only what we instill in the youth we serve, but how we do our work.


We are an inclusive, welcoming and safe environment.


We empower ourselves and others to be engaged citizens by encouraging honesty, exploration and self-awareness.


We respond to ourselves and others with conscious understanding and concern. ​


We always do what we say with awareness of how our words and actions impact the world.

Printable Brochure: Vikara Village Brochure