An afterschool program for middle and high school young women building a healthy sense of self, community and belonging through yoga


Vikara Village has partnered with The Body Love Yoga Project to bring yoga to young women in grades 6-12. During these critical years of psychological and physical change, the knowledge and practice of yoga can provide tools to allow young women to feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies and minds.

We teach young women basic body awareness, yoga postures and relaxation techniques, to support our students’ goals, relationships with others and decision-making skills.

We believe that women of all ages are need to step up, speak out, and share their experiences with youth. Together we can grow the love that we have for our amazing bodies, minds, and hearts.

We provide trained adult facilitators to help youth navigate their shared experiences. Community volunteers provide support and serves as mentors for the girls participating in each series.

About Our Classes

Our yoga classes are taught by positive and inspiring female instructors who are certified, registered and insured. All of our staff have experience working with young women and have received training prior to teaching. We teach a flowing style yoga class which allows students to orchestrate breath and movement. We find this approach relaxes the mind and allows participants to focus on being in their bodies. We teach from a place of non-judgment and compassion.

Teachers begin each class with group introductions and a daily theme. These daily themes used by The Body Love Yoga Project relate to building self-confidence, self-trust, cultivating a positive mental attitude, healthy relationships, dealing with stress, goal exploration and exercising.

Breathing exercises and meditation techniques are used to support this work and empower girls with tools they can use during everyday situations at school, with family members and with friends. Classes end with guided relaxation and plenty of time for questions and dialogue.