Blending yoga and hip hop to transform lives

What is H.Y.P.E?

H.Y.P.E is Hip Hop for Youth Personal Empowerment.

Hip Hop for Youth Personal Empowerment combines the elements of Hip Hop and the foundations of yoga to provide participants with the tools, guidance and hands-on experience to successfully navigate their goals, effectively communicate and develop decision-making skills. We are providing tools, guidance and hands-on experience.

Why Hip Hop?

The legendary emcee KRS-One, spokesperson for Hip Hop, has said, “Hip Hop culture is global and provides unconditional acceptance for all people whose voices have been marginalized, oppressed, and stigmatized by societal structures.” 

Hip hop has been the biggest musical revolution in American pop history over the last 50 years, according to Royal Society Open Journal. Due to its growing popularity, some clinicians and educators have begun to incorporate Hip Hop and rap music into their work with clients. Researchers have shown that Hip Hop and rap music are effective and often underutilized intervention tool in working with vulnerable populations. Vikara Village has decided to implement Hip Hop arts into our programs as a way to share and celebrate the rich diversity of our community.

Music by H.Y.P.E's Vikara Village